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Do you love crystals as much as I do?

'A journey of discovery'

My fascination with natural stones and crystals goes back a long time ago.

Truthfully, at 60 it is far longer than I want to remember!

Firstly, being young, I was just in awe of the colours, structures and feel for these beautiful gifts of nature. Tiny Amethyst and Citrine clusters, quartz of sorts, agates of all colours, smooth river stones and things I found and have no name for!

How were they created, why all the different shapes and what made them be the different colours?

All I knew was that being young I would spend hours re-arranging them on my dresser and that I felt happy in their company.

As it happens, the years go by and about 20 years ago, we met friends that were selling paintings in the markets and they were having fun and making money. Being a few months prior to Christmas, I turned to my husband and we decided to try to sell gifts in the markets, but when we made our approach, we were told in this rather trendy Sydney area markets (our friends were there) that they needed a new age shop - no more gift stalls accepted.

By then, I was a bit more knowledgeable about meditation, crystals and crystal properties, but little else in the new age category.

What should we do? So after spending some gorgeous times in crystal wholesalers and rock meets we had enough stock for a little stall. I dragged my husband (who hurriedly manufactured a wonderful collapsible set up) and mother to the market for a 6.30am start. We loved everyone! People would just pop by to impart knowledge and just have a good yarn.

This was the beginning of Blue Iris Crystals. (Iris is my mother's name)

I hope you enjoyed this little bit of our story.

With love and light


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